About Ars

ARS Ltd. is a fine art manufacturer from Sombor, Serbia. Since 2015 only high quality canvases and easels leave our production process. Our manufacturing company, operating in the wood, fine arts and design sector, makes precision machining on solid wood, manufacturing, handing out and exporting a wide range of canvases and easels. We have aimed to achieve technical innovation and constantly improved production. The result is a solid and reliable product that is guaranteed to last over time!
ARS is a FSC™ certificate holder thanks to the environmentally-safe alternative of the raw material used in the manufacturing process. The Forest Stewardship Council certificate guarantees that our wood products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials! 

ARS Timeline
• 1993 Foundation
• 1995 Distributors of Conte a Paris (famous French stationary brand)
• 1998 Distributors of Lefranc & Bourgeois
• 2000 Distributors of Raphael & Sennelier 
• 2003 First specialized art store in downtown Belgrade
• 2004 Organisation of the production under our brand in China (stretched canvases, easels, brushes) 
• 2012 First concept store in shopping mall
• 2015 Launching ARS Production factory in Sombor, Serbia - first canvas manufactured
• 2016 First easel manufactured


ARS T Easel

Our quality and several decades of experience in business and production have made us stand
out on the market which has led us to successful export business in region, Europe, Africa and Australia!

For further information about export, drop us an e-mail at export@ars.rs.

Our company is also engaged in import, export and distribution of materials
and supplies for painting, icon painting, restoration and conservation, hobby
techniques, children and school programs. 

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